The Ihlow labyrinth

The labyrinth was built in 2017 by the monastery association. It is located south of the Imagination and next to the monastery garden.

It is a lawn labyrinth in a classic form consisting of 773 stones. It has seven passes and a cross in the middle. The diameter is 12.70 x 14 meters.

It is very popular with children and adults alike. It invites you to enter – whether spontaneously or meditatively – to uncover the mystery of the labyrinth. Lined with a few quotations and Bible verses, it aims to encourage the visitor to think about his own way of life.

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of humanity. Christianity also discovered the labyrinth as a symbol early on.

Starting from one point, several circles are drawn that form an intricate path. Unlike the maze, there are no branches, shortcuts, dead ends or wrong paths.

The labyrinth is reminiscent of the path of life: the path is long and contains many unexpected twists and turns and new beginnings. But no matter how convoluted it may be, there is only one way to get in and out. In the middle: the cross – the place of conversion. Repentance is also required by the gospel of man. Turning away from evil and turning back to God.

To reflect

Again and again, we set out and go to God,
and so he comes to us.

Our steps
sometimes resemble
a way through the labyrinth, coming across walls,
reaching borders.

As we are invited,
always seeking the middle, the center,
the heart,
the place where he is waiting for us, the God of love.

As we are invited,
to always anew reach out
to him,
he who will grow and flourish,
who will come towards us,
meet us,
on the winding paths of our lives.

We are invited,
to open our eyes and hearts, because he is already there,
God in the brilliance of his faithfulness. This is why borders are opportunities and challenges,
to always anew turn around,
turning to him.

(Origin unknown)

Gemeinde Ihlow