Monastery Ihlow

Chronicle – From the Middle Ages to the Present

1216 Application of the Benedictine double monastery Meerhusen (north of Aurich) for admission to the Cistercian Order.

1219 Approval of the General Chapter of the Cistercians on the condition that the men's monastery be moved to another location.

1228 Approval of the Archbishop of Bremen, Gerhard II von der Lippe, for the foundation of the Cistercian monastery "Schola Dei" - School of God.

1230 After the division of the double monastery Meerhusen and relocation of the men's monastery to Ihlow, the first abbey and his monks were introduced into the new monastery "Schola Dei" - as the foundation of the monastery of Aduard near Groningen.

13th/14th century Ihlow is of great importance for the Aurich community and the all-Frisian movement of Frisian freedom.

1378 Chief Knight Ocko I tom Brok takes the monastery under his protection.

1409 Burial of the two young chiefs Ayld zu Osterhusen and Ayld zu Faldern-Emden in the monastery cemetery east of the choir; Keno tom Brok had starved them to death as his prisoners in Aurich.

1412-1418 Reform of the monastery "Schola Dei" by Abbot Boyng.

1514 Effects of war by the Saxon Feud.

1529 Reformation and secularization of the monastery and its possessions by the East Frisian Counts Enno and Johann. Demolition of the monastery church. The monastery becomes the hunting stay of the counts. Transfer of the altar and the organ to the Grafenschloss zu Aurich.

1534 Effects of war by the troops of Balthasar of Esens.

1612 Construction of a hunting lodge of the East Frisian counts and planting of the Lindenallee.

1756 The hunting lodge is sold by the new Prussian administration to Peter Janssen Haneborger; demolition is permitted.

1763 Demolition of the hunting lodge and new construction of a "garden house" (hunter's apartment).

1797 Concession for the "garden house" in order to "hold a wine and café tavern for the audiences of Aurich and Emden traveling to Ihlow for pleasure".

1804 There is a forester's lodge on the monastery site.

1828 The forester's lodge burns down.

1834 A new forester's house stands on the monastery site.

after 1931 The forester's house at the monastery site receives its current appearance.

1987 A monastery garden is created in the area of the former retreat of the monks.

14.05.2000 Opening of the renovated forester's house: seminar room, café, exhibition on the history of the monastery, scriptorium.

25.09.2008 At 4 p.m. the first pillar arch of the Ihlow monastery church imagination stands.

10.05.2009 The new monastery Ihlow is opened.

Gemeinde Ihlow