Schola Deï Pilgrimage Route

A new path on old tracks

The Ihlow Consecration Cross shows the way

The approximately 40-kilometre-long East Frisian pilgrimage route leads from Ihlow via Marienhafe to Norden. It runs largely along fields and meadow paths and is based on a medieval pilgrimage route. The starting point is the former Cistercian monastery Schola Deï (School of God) in the Ihlow Forest. The destination is the Ludgerikirche in Norden. The participants are accompanied by trained pilgrim guides.

It is also possible to walk the pilgrimage alone – with the "Pilgrim's Booklet" and an accompanying map. Information can be obtained from the Pilgrims' Office.

There are 16 stations on the East Frisia Pilgrimage Route. In addition to churches, these include the bridge on the Abelitz-Moordorf canal and the memorial at the former Engerhafe concentration camp. The Schola-Deï route is indicated by its own signet. The distinguishing feature is the so-called Ihlow Consecration Cross. This comes from an altar slab that was found during excavations at the monastery site.

The East Frisian pilgrimage route was opened in May 2007. The initiator is the "Pilgrim Route Working Group", which includes representatives of associations, congregations and churches in the region.

Pilgrimage dates 2022

  • 13. - 15. May 2022
  • 20. - 22. May 2022
  • 10. - 12. June 2022
  • 22. June 2022 Pilgrimage with Bicycle
  • 13. July 2022 Pilgrimage with Bicycle
  • 15. - 17. July 2022 
  • 26. - 28. August 2022
  • 02. - 04. September 2022


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