Klosterverein Ihlow e. V.

The sponsor of the monastery site "Stille Räume Ihlow" is the "Klosterverein Ihlow e.V.", which was founded in 2000.

The Klosterverein Ihlow e.V. (the monastery association of Ihlow) – which currently has more than 250 members – manages and develops the monastery site "Stille Räume Ihlow" as a support association. It is responsible for the monastery café, the monastery shop, the scriptorium and organizes guided tours and events.

"The concern of our non-profit association is the promotion of science and research, education, art, environmental, landscape and monument protection and the promotion of general cultural offers in connection with the monastery site lhlow, the former Cistercian monastery lhlow with its foundations and effects and the subsequent uses and structural facilities in this environment such as hunting lodge and forester's house lhlow." (Statutes of the Klosterverein Ihlow e.V., § 2, purpose of the association)


Der Klosterverein

Klosterverein Ihlow e.V.
Alte Wieke 6
26632 Ihlow

Bank details
Sparkasse Aurich-Norden
IBAN: DE43 2835 0000 0061 0014 26

Declaration of accession

Klosterverein Ihlow e.V. – Directorate – Contact persons

Chairman: Bernhard Buttjer, Tel. 04934-6320, bernhard.buttjer(at)gmx.de

Representative chairman: Eberhard Eschlauer, Tel. 0491-20896102,  eschlauer(at)posteo.de

Secretary: Dagmar Brüdigam, Tel. 04941-64748, d.bruedigam(at)gmx.de

Cashier: Insa Albers, Tel. 04945-1401, insa_albers(at)t-online.de

Gemeinde Ihlow