Open-air concert in great autumn weather at the monastery Ihlow

On Sunday (October 10th) 2021 there was an adventure Sunday with an open-air concert at the monastery Ihlow.

The highlight of the adventure Sunday was a concert with Jörg Fröse. In sunny autumn weather, Jörg Fröse presented a program of songs and dance melodies at the imagination of the monastery.

Jörg Fröse is known to all fans and friends of the LAWAY group, in which he has been part of since 1996 as the "musical surprise bag": He always sets new accents with a variety of instruments. His current favourite instrument is the accordion, also known as the "Handörgel" in East Friesland.

A tour of the grounds of the monastery was also offered. The monastery café spoiled the guests with homemade cakes and pies.

The monastery baker baked the popular monastery bread, which found great sales in a very short time and the scriptorium was open as well.

Gemeinde Ihlow